Hobbywing JUSTOCK SPEC Race ESC Blue #HWI81020000


Hobbywing Technology Co. LTD JUSTOCK SPEC Race ESC Blue.
The JUSTOCK SPEC ESC is ROAR approval for ROAR SPEC racing!

The ESC has 2 color options. They have the same performance.
JUSTOCK (Blue), PN = HWI81020000
JUSTOCK (Black), PN = HWI81020001

1 Specification

1.1 Output: Continuous 45A, burst 260A.
1.2 Input: 4-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2-3S LiPo.
1.3 BEC: 6V@2A linear mode built-in BEC.
1.4 Resistance: 0.0006 Ohm.
1.5 Motor Supported: Sensored and sensorless brushless.
1.6 Cooling Fan: 5V * Note #1
1.7 Suitable Motor:
With 2S Lipo or 4-6 cells NiMH, 1/10 on-road>=8.5T, 1/10 off-road>=11.5T
With 3S Lipo or 7-9 cells NiMH, 1/10 on-road>=13.5T, 1/10 off-road>=17.5T
1.8 Suitable Car:
1/10, 1/12 on-road or off-road SPEC race (Zero timing race).
1/10 rock crawler pro race.
1.9 Size: 33mm(L) * 28mm(W) * 31mm(H) (Cooling fan height included)
1.10 Weight: 59g (The weight of cooling fan is not included)
* Note #1: The cooling fan gets its power supply from the built-in BEC.

2 Features

2.1 Low cost, high performance.
2.2 Small and light weight.
2.3 Drives sensored and sensorless brushless motors, best control feelings.
2.4 The internal timing is always zero degree to complaint with the rules of SPEC races such as ROAR SPORTMAN.
2.5 Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection.
2.6 Plenty of programmable items.
2.7 Easily programmed with the LED Program Box, Multi function LCD Program Box and USB Link Software.
2.8 ESC firmware can be updated through the USB adapter in the LCD Program Box.
2.9 Also suitable for rock crawler pro race when using “Crawler” working mode.

Sold Out
  • Model: HWI81020000
  • Manufactured by: Hobbywing Technology Co. LTD

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