SXT Racing SXT Tire-N-Body Cleaner #SXT00500


SXT Racing SXT Tire-N-Body Cleaner. SXT Tire-N-Body Cleaner was developed to solve two problems in one for racers. The first problem being the traction built up during a run and keep the performance similar the next time you use those tires. The only way to do this is to remove the traction buildup to keep them consistent from run to run. Our Tire-N-Body Cleaner will remove the buildup in the tires and enable you to get consistent runs.
The second problem for racers is keeping their nice fancy bodyshells looking clean and sleek. No one likes to see the scuff marks on their bodies after a run and our product will safely and easily remove the marks left on a body after a rough heat race.

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  • Model: SXT00500
  • Manufactured by: SXT Racing

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