ProTek "Premier Blue" O-Ring Grease and Lube #PTK1410


ProTek RC "Premier Blue" O-Ring Grease & Multipurpose Lubricant (10ml). This 10ml syringe of ProTek R/C "Premier Blue" O-Ring Grease and Multipurpose Lubricant is a deluxe o-ring grease that provides exceptional sealing, lubrication and stiction-free performance for suspension parts, bearings, bushings, pivots, as well as any other linear movement applications. It features a specially-formulated mixture of additives that won't cause seals or o-rings to swell or deform, and it features unparalleled sticking power to last for prolonged performance.
For R/C model applications, apply Premier Blue on the o-rings during installation and a little dab on the shock shaft threads before installing through the o-rings. Premier Blue will protect the o-rings from deformation, swelling, tearing and stiction, while maintaining lubrication and protection from leaks. Premier Blue will also coat the shock shaft for long-lasting buttery smooth performance.

Reduced Drag & Friction
Using a specially-formulated mixture of additives, Premier Blue won't deform seals or o-rings so they always retain their shape and size. Premier Blue also impregnates the pores of the surface for a deep lasting coat of smooth lubrication.

Lasting Surface Protection
Premier Blue special formulation provides a layer of protection that is excellent at resisting corrosion and oxidation. Additionally, Premier Blue also provides a waterproof layer for long-lasting smooth performance when things get wet.

Deluxe suspension grease and multipurpose lubricant
Excels with o-rings, seals, bushings, and bearings
Won't deform or swell o-rings
Long-lasting sealing and lubricating power
Provides waterproof layer & resists against corrosion and oxidation
Nearly friction-free movement
Great low to medium temperature performance
Excels in high speed movement
Made in the USA
Texture: Smooth, Adhesive
Color: Premium Blue
Viscosity Agent: Anhydrous Calcium
NLGI Consistency Index: 2
Dropping point, D-556, F: 285
Water Washout, D-1264 Modified, 175 F, % loss: 5 Max.
Wheel Bearing Leakage, D-1263: Pass
Oxidation Stability, D-942, psi drop @ 100 hrs (400 hrs): 4 (8)
Temperature Test (Lincoln VENT Meter): -58 F, >1700 psi
Temperature Test (Lincoln VENT Meter): -4 F, >500 psi

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  • Model: PTK1410
  • Manufactured by: Protek RC

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