Triton L4 Pro Spec .21 engine #TRI-L4PS21


Triton L4 Pro Spec .21 engine. The Triton L4 Pro Spec .21 racing engine was designed to have a linear smooth powerband, industry leading fuel economy and incredible top speed. The L4 Pro Spec is an Ultra high performance racing engine suitable for both buggy and truggy. The powerband of the Triton L4 Pro Spec engines allows drivers to have more precise control over the engine making it easier to control wheel spin and traction but also will provide robust power and speed with the pull of the trigger when you need it. It provides good torque and screaming top speed.The L4 Pro Spec includes a super high quality Swiss made ceramic rear bearing, a specially designed front bearing that is resistant to leaking which is common on other front bearings, silicone filled and balanced crankshaft with dual brass inserts as well as a special lightweight piston design which allows us to get the best possible balance of the piston, rod and crankshaft assembly for an ultra smooth high revving engine.The Triton carburetor is one of the most user friendly carburetors in the industry and provides a rock solid idle and easy stable tuning.


Special seal front bearing
High quality ceramic Swiss rear bearing
Dual counter weighted balanced silicone filled crankshaft
Ultra strong lightweight connecting rod
6mm and 7mm carburetor venturis
Large diameter lightweight cooling head
Machined front case for flywheel clearance
Easy and stable tuning carburetor


Engine size: 3.49cc
Bore X Stroke: 16.2 X 16.8
HP: 2.8
RPM: 41,000

Triton engines are made in Italy and designed in the USA by Lance Heidmann with proprietary Specs not found in any other engine brand. Each Triton engine is hand matched and checked for the best possible quality and fit using only parts that pass strict tolerance standards. Triton engines are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and offer industry leading fuel economy, ease of tuning, reliability and performance.Our goal was to make the best quality and performing engines on the market and still make them affordable for racers. If you are looking for a top of the line engine look no further Triton is here!


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  • Model: TRI-L4PS21
  • Manufactured by: Triton RC

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