Sanwa M17 Radio w/ RX-493 Receiver #SNW101A32462A


Sanwa M17 Radio w/ RX-493 Receiver. World's Fastest Response!! Light Weight!! High Rigidity!!

-Ultra Response Mode (SUR) New Transmitter system "FH5" sets new record of the World's Fastest Response.
-Color Display and Touch Panel are easy to control.
-Lighter weight (about 510g) and higher rigidity than M12S
-Steering and Throttle Position Optimization and Steering Swing Adjust Function
-Fine Color Display (480x320)
-Touch Pad is smooth & quick to set
-Steering and Throttle position can be optimized without off set bracket
-Battery recharge port is installed and battery can be checked when recharging
-Compatible with Micro SDHC Card to manage firmware update, model data, and Telemetry Log
-Installed Multi-Setting Function is available to set PGS servos
-Installed tilt carrying handle
-Steering Unit can change position for lefty
-Detachable Strap Hook is placed in ideal position for drivers
-Fully Adjustable Trigger can be fittable for individual
-Installed Screen Reader Function is available to sound Lap Time and Telemetry
-Data and installed headphone jack
-Quick and easy to set model data and other settings by Quick Set Up Wizard

Comes with 1 RX-493 receiver

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  • Model: SNW101A32462A
  • Manufactured by: Sanwa

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