Avid RC Team Associated B5 Bearing Kit #AV-AE-B5-REV


Avid RC Team Associated B5 Bearing Kit. This is a bearing kit by Avid RC for Team Associated RC10 B5.

Kit Contains:

3x7x3 (8 Pieces) Rubber Seals
5x10x4 (6 Pieces)
10x15x4 (4 Pieces)
6x13x5 (2 Pieces)
5x8x2.5 (2 Pieces)
6x12x4 (2 Pieces)

All bearings in this kit are Avid's Revolution bearing, unless otherwise specified. The Revolution Series bearings are a low friction bearing with several options to help satisfy anyone's desire. What makes this bearing unique is that it has a rubber seal on one side while having a metal shield on the other. Rubber seals are great protectors against dirt but the price is that they offer a little more friction due to the tighter seal.
The rubber seal has better dirt protection, but slightly higher friction. The metal shield has lower friction but does not protect as well against dirt. You install these bearings with the rubber shield facing the dirty side.

Part Compatibility:

RC10 B5

Team Associated RC10 B5 RS

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  • Model: AV-AE-B5-REV
  • Manufactured by: Avid RC

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